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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't miss the Spring Cleanse Detoxification Workshop!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010
9:30AM – 12:30PM
$45 per person
(cash or check only)

Space is limited
{Advance registration is necessary to reserve your spot}

Michelle Dexter – Ayurvedic Wellness Coach
Matthew Corrigan – Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist

Learn simple at-home Ayurvedic cleansing methods to flush the body of toxins that build up in the winter months. Seasonal changes are the times when disease takes root in the body, and regular cleansing during the seasonal shifts help to prevent this process.

1. Begin the workshop with a 50 minute yoga practice incorporating detoxifying poses and breathing techniques.

2. Learn about Ayurveda (the medical science of India) and conduct an analysis of your personal Dosha (Ayurvedic constitution).

3. Learn to perform the Ayurvedic cleansing practices of sinus irrigation (Neti pot), eye washing, and gum massage/mouth wash.

4. Learn to perform Ayurvedic self massage (Abhyanga) and how to choose an oil specific to your own Dosha (Ayurvedic constitution).

5. Discussion of Internal cleansing through diet based on your Dosha.

Register for this workshop through:

Lofty Salon and Wellness Center
354 W. Maple Ave.
* Vienna, VA 22180
* 703-242-0609

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goal Specific Massage Therapy

The goal of any massage therapy session is Relaxation. Working with a skilled therapist to unlock your specific areas of tension or pain and what causes them to occur is the first step toward achieving that goal. When we feel a pain, our natural response is to rub it! An intuitive therapist uses their knowledge of structural anatomy, postural adaptations, and repetitive movements to seek out the clues specific to your body which reveal the mysteries behind the pain. Whether it is work related job stress, repetitive motion strain or spasm, sport specific or exercise related injury, or just plain muscle fatigue that is causing you pain; PRANA Healthworks offers a comprehensive plan to get you back up to full speed again. Restore your range of motion, release muscle tension and stress, increase your flexibility, and relax those tired, overworked muscles with a full body massage. Each massage session is catered to your specific need and contains a goal oriented intention which is discussed in a pre-massage consultation. Maintaining effortless mobility should be your ultimate goal because it is our goal as well. Restricted movement causes a decrease in vitality, it inhibits your ability to do the things you love, and if left untouched, can lead to more complex patterns of muscular deficiency and chronic pain. Don’t be a victim of your own body. Give yourself the gift of mobility and relaxation with a massage from PRANA Healthworks.

PRANA Healthworks is prepared to help you meet the demands of your busy lifestyle head on. By combining elements of both eastern and western medical science, you will learn what it means to move through life with grace and ease; in total balance. Don’t be a victim of pain! Make a conscious choice to become the steward of your own health.

PRANA Healthworks – “focused breath, body, and mind…”