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Monday, October 22, 2012

Testimonials September 2012


I intended to email you sooner to thank you profusely for your brilliance last Friday.  You helped to relieve another bout of discomfort in my pelvic floor (which I didn't mention as it feels too "personal' an issue to discuss).  In addition, I think you discovered the genesis of this very uncomfortable (and stressful) condition that reared its ugly head last summer.  I put in a call to the pelvic floor therapist I saw for several months and she confirmed the possibility that the hip could be causing and/or certainly exacerbating the pelvic floor issues.  She recommended … an osteopath with whom she has worked... 

I know you have faith in your competence but I hope you enjoy hearing words that celebrate your skill and intuition.  (We) feel grateful for your presence in our lives and greatly benefit from the relationship we have with you both on the table and in the yoga studio.

With Great Appreciation,



Has anyone ever told you how gifted you are when it comes to the body
and movement, okay well just let me are gifted, in your
calling, in your element.

I should have put it together when you said something about my left
foot pushing off and twisting, because earlier I went over some
running pictures with (my trainer) and he said something about my left leg
kicking out in some of the pictures. I had them with me yesterday and
if I would have put 2 and 2 together I would have shown them to you.

So this is what happens … when I am warming up and running a X:XX pace or slower, everything seems to be fine. When I pick up the pace to a X:XX and faster the hamstring and hip get tight, and you are right, my left foot flares out behind me because it lands out at an angle, so there is a twisting motion it seems like in my hip joint, which is why it is sometimes uncomfortable to sit…

Thank you Matthew,